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Managed Health Care continues to be the "Buzz" word in the health care community. As health care costs skyrocket, and millions of people remain uninsured, the health care community has attempted to remedy the situation.

This page will provide insight into the "meaning" of Managed Health Care, and will also be your source for locating Managed Health Care Networks across the globe.

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Managed Health Care Update
Managed Health Care Networks

Managed Health Care Today's Menu of Articles

Managed Health Care Update will provide you with timely information about important topics and changes occurring in the world of Managed Health Care.

General information about Managed Care.

Managed Care Advice with Dr. Jill M. Bjerke.

NCQA: Status of Accreditation Among Health Plans?

Backlash On Managed Care?

The Uninsured: What do the numbers say?

Congress ponders legislation dealing with pre-existing conditions.

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Managed Health Care Networks

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