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Welcome to the Health Pages

Here you will find references to the various health care options of your choice. Whether you are looking for a Chiropractor, Pharmacist, Podiatrist, Optometrist, Diagnostic Imaging facility, Medical doctor, or Health Club, then look no further. The Health Page is a dynamic reference tool which will help you locate doctors, suppliersand/or facilities of your choice.

Looking for information about your particular condition or ailment, or simply the latest health care information available? Then you have come to the right place. The Health Page is your one-stop for this and much more information.


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Who's Who in the Health Care Arena?

Over the past year, much has been written and reported about Health Care in the United States today. In addition to supplying the who and where of a particular helath practitioner, the Health Pages will also provide information about the "what" of a particular provider, i.e., what the various specialties are and what they can provide.

Your Health is THE most important aspect of your life. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of all the benefits and implications a particular health professional can provide for you.

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The Health Pages are pleased to link readers to the following Information 'Zines relating to HealthCare

Chiropractic OnLine Today

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First, what type of Health Provider are you looking for?

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Professional Organizations


  • Alabama Chiropractic Council

  • 422 2nd Ave SW; Cullman, AL 35055
    Tele: 205-734-4590; E-mail:

  • New York State Chiropractic Association

  • 245 Lark St.; Albany, NY 12210-1108
    Tele: 518-455-8817

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    Health Care Networks

    The '90's have seen major changes in ways people receive health care, and also in the way health care is rendered. Managed Health Care organizations (MCO's) are playing a greater role in this system on a daily basis.

    Click here to find out more about an MCO in your area.

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    Note To Readers

    What this page is not, is a replacement for sound, intelligent health care advice, rendered by a qualified Health Care Professional. While information provided from this page may give you a better understanding of what you are experiencing, it is still your reponsibility to maintain your health to the best of your ability and to investigate any references which are indicated.

    The Health Pages has no connections to any of the Health Professionals "linked" to this page. To evaluate a particular professional, you are urged to contact one of the State Organizations representing the profession of the provider chosen.

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