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  • Green Bay
  • Hartford
  • Kenosha
  • Madison
  • Menasha
  • Milwaukee
  • Oshkosh
  • Osseo
  • Shorewood
  • Stoughton
  • Sun Prairie

  • Green Bay

    Dr. Thomas J. Leuthner
    1792 E Mason St.; Green Bay WI 54302-3293.
    Tele: 414-465-1431; E-mail:luthnerl@gbvaxa.uwgb.edu

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    Dr. Edward Holtman
    Holtman and Hozeska Chiropractic
    315 E Sumner St.; Hartford Wi. 53027.
    Tele: 262-673-5650; E-mail:drtendon@tendonrelief.com
    Home Page: http://www.tendonrelief.com
    For information about a self-home treatment for tendinitis ,check Dr Holtman's home page. He has been published in three professional journals, one of which is shown on the home page.

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    Dr. Danny R. Beard
    Beard Chiropractic Clinic
    2961 Yarmouth Greenway; Madison, WI 53711.
    Tele: 608-271-9350; E-mail: nervesysdoc@inxpress.net

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    Dr. Jeffrey M. Wilder
    4101 East Towne Blvd.; Madison, WI 53704.
    Tele: 608-244-5515; Fax: 608-244-8620; E-mail: JMChiro@aol.com
    Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist
    Thompson, Palmer techniques

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    Dr. Ronald Fischer
    Dr. Cyndi Schmieder
    NEWCARE Chiropractic
    1366 Appleton Rd.; Suite A; Menasha, WI 54952.
    Tele: 920-730-0611; E-mail: NEWCAREDOC@aol.com

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    Dr. Raymond M. Janusz
    6026 West National Avenue; Milwaukee WI 53214.
    Tele: ; E-mail: YFEX98A@prodigy.com

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    Dr. Scott C. Kurtti
    10 East Irving Ave.; Oshkosh, WI. 54901.
    Tele: 414-426-0699; Fax: 414-236-2832

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    Dr. Brian J. Markgren
    Markgren Chiropractic Office
    14407 10th St.; Osseo, WI 54758.
    Tele: 715-597-2282; Email brianjm@win.bright.net
    We utilize the following techniques: Diversified, Logan basic and Activator techniques. We provide x-rays, interferential therapy, and massage therapy.

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    Dr. Elizabeth M. McLean
    McLean Chiropractic Center
    3575 N. Oakland Avenue, Suite 6; Shorewood WI 53211.
    Tele: 414-962-5483; E-mail:EMcLean389@aol.com

    Activator, Diversified, Gonstead, Toftness, Logan techniques.
    Chiropractic evaluation and treatment, use of physcial therapy and therapeutic techniques to aid in recovery related to physical trauma including athletic injuries, personal injury (example: home or auto), and worker's compensation cases.

    Our goal is to help realize the body's ability to heal itself - naturally.

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    Zelm-Brue Chiropractic Center
    Web Site: http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/~mzelmdc/zelm/center.htm

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    Sun Prairie

    Dr. Bruce Nordhagen
    715 W. Main St.; Sun Prairie, WI 53590.
    Tele: 608-837-7600; Tele: 608-837-9720; E-mail: kim@tmcweb.com

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