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  • Cumberland
  • North Kingstown
  • Providence

  • Cumberland

    Dr. David J. Aragao
    Dr. Frances Aragao
    Aragao Family Chiropractic, Inc.
    655 Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI 02864.
    Tele: 401-333-0680; Fax: 401-333-2560;E-mail: aragaodc@aol.com
    Drs. Aragao specialize in non-surgical treatment of orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities. Commonly treated problems include neck & back pain, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and various athletic injuries. Orthopedic consultations and second opinions are avilable for chiropractic physicians.

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    North Kingstown

    Dr. Robert V. Owen
    Owen Chiropractic & Therapy Center, Inc.
    1130 Ten Rod Road Suite E-102; North Kingstown, RI 02852
    Tele: 401-295-1152; Fax: 401-295-1153;E-mail: OwenDCPT@aol.com

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    Donald R. Murphy, D.C., D.A.C.A.N.
    Rhode Island Spine Center
    329 Wickenden Street; Providence, RI 02903.
    Tele: 401-831-5600; E-mail: DonldMurph@aol.com
    Student of Janda, Lewit, Morgan, teaches with LACC and CMCC rehab diplomate as well as NYCC Neuro diplomate.
    Focus on rehabilitation of spine related disorders and locomotor system dysfunction.
    Available for second opinions and specialty consultations.

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    Amy Westrick
    Eastside Chiropractic Center, Inc.
    291 Waterman St.; Providence, RI 02906
    Tele: 401-453-2225; Fax: 401-453-0914
    The office provides chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy modalities, as well as individualized rehabilitative exercises. Most insurances accepted, open 6 days/week.

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