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  • Aloha

    Dr. Stephen J. Ross
    Aloha Chiropractic Center
    17325 SW Tualitin Valley Hwy.; Aloha, OR 97006.
    Tele: 503-642-9818; Email: JCorn@msmail.radisys.com
    Serving the Beaverton-Hillsboro area. No charge for initial consultation.
    Auto, work and personal injury. Wellness care.

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    Dr. Randy A. Bise
    Coquille Chiropractic Clinic
    396 N. Central; Coquille, OR 97423.
    Tele: 541-396-7205; Email: rbise@mail.coos.or.us

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    Dr. Mark S. Burdell
    Dr. Eric Bennet
    The Family Chiropractic Clinic
    541 Park St. Lebanon, Oregon 97355.
    Tele: 541-451-1290; Fax: 541-451-1706 .
    Low force / via Activator and SOT methods as well as Traditional Diversified Manual Spinal Adjustment. We offer Cox Flexion Distraction technique as well as extensive experience in Metabolic Nutrition. We emphasize rehabilitative exercises via Video Checkout Library as well as have complete physiotherapy including and specializing in Microcurrent Therapy to stimulate healing.

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    Dr. Darah Ashton
    Laurelhurst Chiropractic
    2705 E. Burnside; Suite 213; Portland, Oregon 97214.
    Tele: 503-234-4288.
    Diversified and Activator techniques
    Physical Therapy modalaties and on-site massage offered in a supportive environment.

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    Dr. David A. Day
    Day Chiropractic
    1515 SE 122nd Avenue; Portland, OR 97233-1299
    Tele: 503-254-3322; Fax: 503-255-7898; Email:chiro@spiretech.com.
    WWW Home Page: http://www.spiretech.com/~chiro.

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    Dr. Hari Dass S. Khalsa
    5013 SE Hawthorne; Portland, OR 97215.
    Tele: 503-238-1032; Fax: 503-233-1916.
    Musculoskeletally oriented chiropractic practice specializing in
    Auto accidents, Sports, and Work injuries.
    Adjunctive Therapy modalaties and on-site massage offered in a supportive environment.

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    Dr. James E. Dicey
    12215 SW Main Street, Tigard, Oregon 97223 - (right next to the Health Habit Gym).
    Tele: (503) 684-3101; Fax: (503) 684-3101; Pager: (503) 241-6629.
    Dr. Dicey specializes in sports and personal injuries. With over twenty-five years of body-building experience that earned him numerous titles, James brings to his chiropractic work an understanding and supportive attitude, along with the belief that patient education is the key to getting -- and staying -- healthy. He is available for injury treatment, exercise rehabilitation, personalized training, and nutrition advice. Please contact him for a free consultation. Insurance claims are welcome.

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    Dr. Steven Gould
    11533 SW Pacific Hwy. Tigard, OR 97223.
    Tele: 503-452-0476.
    Traditional chiropractic (versus musculoskeletal, although I do that, too).
    Corrective care, auto accidents/whiplash, on-the-job injuries, nutritonal counseling.

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