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  • Kapaa

  • Kapaa

    Ogawa Chiropractic
    956 Kuhio Hwy.; Kapaa, HI 96746.
    Tele: 808-822-7113; Fax: 808-823-0810; E-mail: ahogawa@aloha.net
    Palmer graduate, family practice with the following techniques offered:
    Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, SOT, B.E.S.T., Activator, A.K, BioKinetics, Torque Release.

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    Which Part of Kauai are you interested in?

  • Koloa

  • Koloa

    Dr. Grady Allen Deal
    P.O.Box 279, Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii 96756.
    Tele: 808-332-9244; E-mail: drdeal@aloha.net
    As a holistic chiropractor, my treatment includes hot or cold packs, therapeutic massage, vibration massage, chiropractic adjustments using a variety of techniques, therapeutic exercises, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling to determine the possible causes of neck, back and joint stiffness and pain. Note that sleeping on the abdomen and with arms higher than the shoulders; eating dairy and chocolate; food allergy; hypothyroidism cause most neck, back, joint and health problems.

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    Which Part of Maui are you interested in?

  • Lahaina

  • Lahaina

    Craig Werner
    Sunset Chiropractic Center
    930 Wainee St. - Suite 5; Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761.
    Tele: 808-661-5581; E-mail: dadoc@aloha.net
    Techniques: Diversified, Cox Distraction, Thompson, Craniosacral, S.O.T. P.T. and Massage services are also available.

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    Which Part of Oahu are you interested in?

  • Pearl City
  • Waipahu

  • Pearl City

    Dr. Thomas Walton
    A A’A Leeward Chiropractic Center
    803 Kam. Hwy., Suite 309; Pearl City, HI. 96782.
    Tele: 808-456-5553; Fax: 808-455-6520; E-mail: HealthResS@aol.com

    Gentle treatment for acute and chronic pain, including auto, work and sport related injuries. Headaches, arthritis, "pinched" nerves, sprains and strains; shoulder, arm and leg pain including carpal tunnel and disk syndromes all can be favorably treated. Second opinions and concurrent management with your medical practitioner’s approach is available.

    Nutritional therapy available for weight loss and conditions such as prostatitis, menopause, pms, high blood pressure, arthritis, ulcers, chronn’s disease, colitis and other aliments.

    Your return to health starts with a consultation, examination and report of findings which includes a discussion of treatment options. If I can help you, we will plan your short and long term health goals and provide the necessary treatment and personal support for the achievement of these goals.

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    Dr. Joseph G. Morelli, Jr.
    94-216 Farrington Hwy., Ste. 7-A; Waipahu, HI 96797-2526.
    Tele: 808-671-2685; Fax: 808-671-9368; E-mail: crunch@aloha.net

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