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First, Where in Europe are you looking to be treated?

  • Italy
  • Ireland

  • OK. Where in Italy are you looking to be treated?

  • Ancona
  • Fermo
  • Napoli
  • Rome

  • Ancona

    Dr. John G. Williams
    Dr. Sven M. Boehne
    Chirosport S.r.l.
    Via Giannelli, 22; 60100 ANCONA - Italy.
    Tele & Fax: 0039 / 71 / 203006; Email: Sven@worldnet.it.
    Techniques: Gonstead/Diversified/AK/Sports Chiropractic/TMJ

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    Dr. Baiju A. Khanchandani
    Piazzale Azzolino 22; Fermo; AP, ITALY 63023.
    Tele: ++39 734 224658.

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    Dr. Paul Ottinger
    Uscita Camaldoli - Tangenziale Napoli.
    Per Appuntamento Tele: +39-81-579-0667 Fax: 0579
    General Family + Sports Chiropractic Practice. Techniques include Palmer package, Thompson, SOT, BEST, Flex/Distraction, AK. Third generation Palmer Chiropractor, and have patients in Soccer, Basket, Volley-Ball, Triathalon, and Cycling.

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    Dr. Paul Neuray
    Viale Ippocrate, 92 00161; Rome (Italy)
    Per Appuntamento Tele: 00/39/06/44244762; Fax: 00/39/06/88327812
    E-mail: neuray@uni.net.

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    OK. Where in Ireland are you looking to be treated?

  • Maynooth

  • Maynooth

    Dr. Linda Finley-McKenna
    97 Carton Court, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland.
    Tele: 011-353-1-6290010; Email: jmckenna@iol.ie.
    Diversified, SOT and Thompson Drop Piece techniques are offered.
    Practice is For Sale.
    Please contact number above or see more information under Classified Section.

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