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    Welcome to COT's HealthBeat Podcast
        Chiropractic OnLine Today is pleased to present a
    Chiropractic "Radio" Segment to the Health Community.

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The hottest new trend in personal online content creation is something called a podcast, essentially a short personal radio show or audio blog. They can be downloaded and played back on a computer or a portable music player like Apple's iPod, whence the genre draws its name.

Let Chiropractic OnLine Today's HealthBeat help you attract Patient's to your Web Site.

Chiropractic OnLine Today has been producing HealthBeat Radio segments for Internet Download and Streaming usage since 1996.  Let COT help you attract new patients to your web site by personalizing our HealthBeat broadcasts for your office.  Simply Email us your Weekly or Monthly audio recordings in MP3 format (Learn How Here) and COT will do the rest.  For more information, please Contact David Cash.

Why Podcasts?

Click here for an Overview of Podcasting.

Case Studies

As Podcasts Boom, Big Media Rushes To Stake A Claim

"Bruised by earlier failures to embrace new technologies, big media companies are rushing into the two-year-old field of podcasting -- audio programs for downloading onto computers or portable music players."  Read the WSJ Acrobat Article

Purina Hopes to Boost Its Brand Loyalty With Podcasts

"These devices are a whole new communication venue for us to interact with our customers," says Michael Moore, director of interactive marketing at Purina, which is owned by Swiss food company Nestlé SA. "Consumers are no longer tethered to a desk or computer. It's all about getting information to consumers however and wherever they want to receive it." Read the WSJ Acrobat Article




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