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  • Bridgeport

    Dr. Stephen Perle
    Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
    University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic
    75 Linden Ave.; Bridgeport, CT 06601.
    Tele: 203-576-4279; E-mail: perle@cse.bridgeport.edu
    Comprehensive conservative chiropractic for the care, rehabilitation and prevention of athletic injuries. Training and performance enhancement recommendations also.

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    Dr. Luigi DiRubba
    Central Connecticut Chiropractic
    391 Highland Avenue, RT 10; Cheshire, Ct 06410.
    Tele: 203-272-3239; Fax: 203-272-2224; E-mail: drdirubba@snet.net
    For more information; http://www.cheshirechiropractic.com

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    Dr. Mark L. Sanna
    Dr. Julius L. Sanna
    University Pain Control & Rehabilitation
    50 Osborne St., Danbury, CT, 06810.
    Tele: 203-744-7440; Fax: 203-792-0846; E-mail: sanna@snet.net
    Holistic Care with an emphasis on Family Care, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition. Over 35 years in practice. A father and son team, with a loving staff dedicated to the vitalistic, philosophically-based practice of Chiropractic. Located just off the Midtown campus of Western Connecticut University..

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    Dr. Avery L. Jenkins
    Kent Chiropractic Health Center
    Kent Town Center, Suite 6; P.O. Box 761; Kent, CT 06757.
    Tele: 860-927-4455; Fax: 860-927-4463; E-mail: AJENKINSDC@pol.net
    At the Kent Chiropractic Health Center, we provide comprehensive health care including nutritional and herbal therapies, physiotherapy and customized exercise and rehabilitation programs for a variety of problems.

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    Dr. Andrew Bayuk
    Bayuk Chiropractic Office
    234 Broad St.; Milford, CT 06460.
    Tele: 203-876-4733 E-mail: deab74a@prodigy.com
    Diversified, Motion Palpation, SOT and Flexion/Distraction techniques
    Adjunctive and Trigger Point therapies.

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