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The Chiropractic Referral Directory has been online since June of 1995. With a direct link from Chiropractic OnLine Today, the Chiropractic Referral Directory offers chiropractors all over the world an opportunity to list their practice information, allowing for referrals, communication with colleagues, etc.

The Chiropractic Referral Directory's fee schedule is as follows:

For a Single Listing: $79.00 per year
For Multiple Listings: $129.00 per year
(for all offices)

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Pay via Online Payment (secure)

COT utilizes the PayPal online Secure payment system.  Please choose the most appropriate icon below for your Referral Directory needs. 

Please Email the following Information to Internet AdCom Services:

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Single Listing - $79.00/year
Multiple Listings - $129.00/year
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The Chiropractic Referral Directory wishes to thank everyone for their support in making this directory one of the Premier Chiropractic Online Directories.

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