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  • Burswood
  • Mandurah
  • Melbourne
  • New Castle
  • New South Wales
  • Rockingham
  • Queensland
  • Wentworthville
  • Woonona

  • Burswood

    Dr. Peter Bryner
    Post: P.O. Box 704, Victoria Park, WA 6100 Australia.
    Clinic: 21 Harvey Street, Burswood, WA 6100 Australia
    Tele: 61 9 361-2628 (Clinic) 61 9 361-1621 (Home); Fax: 61 9 470-1185
    Email: p.bryner@pitvax.xx.rmit.edu.au

    Bryner Chiro Page Chris Maher Chiro Page

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    Dr. David R. Minns
    146 Pinjarra Rd.; Mandurah Western Australia 6210.
    Tele: 61 9 535 3935; Fax: 61 9 535 3050
    Email: davidmin@MSN.com.au
    Spinal X-Rays and most popular adjusting techniques are provided,
    including soft tissue therapy.

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    Dr. Phillip S. Ebrall
    RMIT Chiropractic Clinic Bundoora; RMIT University; McKimmies Road;
    Bundoora, Victoria 3080.
    Tele: 03 9468 2666;
    Spinal and Extremity adjusting techniques; Soft-Tissue therapy and
    Physical Therapy services

    Bundoora is 14 miles north east of Melbourne city (downtown) and is accessible by tram (# 82)

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    New Castle



    Dr. Clive Bond
    Tele:049 559122; Email:clive.bond@hunterlink.net.au
    Techniques:soft tissue, Diversified, Activator, Cox.

    Wallsend is a western suburb of Newcastle.

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    New South Wales


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    Dr. Graham Herbert Jones
    97 Richmond Road; Blacktown New South Wales 2148.
    Tele: 02 9621 1511; Email: ghjones@ozemail.com.au

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    Dr. Ross E. Funnell
    23 Simpson Avenue; Rockingham, Western Australia 6168.
    Tele: 619-527-6168;
    SOT, Gonstead and Diversified techniques

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    Brisbane    Capalaba    Gold Coast


    Dr. Andrew Vincent
    117 Queen St.; 2nd Floor; Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
    Tele: 61 7 221 1346; Fax: 61 7 221 1601;
    Manual adjusting techniques and soft tissue therapy and utilises spinal x-rays.

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    Dr. Christine Houghton
    Larbonya Professional Centre
    5 Larbonya Crescent, Capalaba; Queensland 4157 Australia
    Tele: 07 3245 3219; Fax: 07 3824 7645
    Email: 100246.3372@compuserve.com
    Chiropractor and Nutritional Biochemist
    Diversified and Activator techniques, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine services

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    Gold Coast

    Dr. Gregory Lyons
    376 Bayview Street; Paradise Point, Gold Coast QLD 4216 Australia
    Tele: (07) 5529-5497; Fax: (07) 5529-6734; Email: lyons@mars.nettrek.net.au
    Diversified, Soft Tissue, Acupuncture, Electromedical, Lymphatic Therapies and Nutritional Support.

    Dr Lyons has a home page located at http://earth.nettrek.net.au/lyons/

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    Dr. Christopher Hume-Phillips
    Dr. Kellie Hume-Phillips
    35 Cinderella Drive; PO Box 1394; Springwood, Queensland 4127. Australia
    Tele: 61 7 3808 6633; Fax: 61 7 3808 8643; E-mail: 100355.503@compuserve.com Pierce-Stillwagon, Diversified, N.E.T, T.B.M. techniques

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    Dr. Anthony O'Reilly
    Dr. Sam Dona
    Dr. Samantha Johnston
    59 Dunmore Street Wentworthville NSW Australia 2145
    Tele: (02) 631 8944; Email: aorchiro@wr.com.au
    For those striving for optimal health in family, work and sport Diversified, Terminal Point, AK, Osteopathic techniques.

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    Dr. Phillip Geary
    26 Ball Street; Woonona NSW Australia 2517
    Tele: 042-854404; Fax: 042-834838; Email: pkg@ozemail.com.au
    Family based, relief and postural corrective care.

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